Why is our Soup so good?

We're OB-sessed with chicken soup and it's the only thing we make. So you can trust that we make the most delicious chicken soup around! We start with real, antibiotic-free chicken, add in whole vegetables and top it with water and sloooow simmer for hours to yield a nuanced and balanced broth. We then add in sautéed carrots, celery and onions, pulled chicken breast and add in egg noodles or handmade matzah balls. The result? A chicken soup that tastes as good as if it were made by a Grandma (or grandpa, or mom or dad or partner or pal personal chef- you get the picture!)

Born in DC
Women Owned
No Preservatives or Additives
Made from Bones not Base
No Added Sugars or Colors
Lower Sodium
ABF Chicken