Let's send your student some soup!

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Super Sick Package

DC Based Schools (GWU, Georgetown, Howard, U DC, Catholic, etc)

This qualifies for direct delivery through our 3rd party delivery apps. When you click this button it will take you to our online ordering page and you can order directly. If you have any questions or need help, call us at 202-262-3235

New Mama Package

MD/VA Based Schools (UMD, Loyola)

Your kiddo's a little further away from us, but we CAN get them soup! When you click this button it's going to take you to a form for you to fill out with the details and we will be able to calculate the delivery cost to get this to your kiddo. If this is a chicken soup emergency, call us at 202-262-3235 and we can work with you via phone

Remind me around midterms

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We will review and be in touch within 2-3 hours with a price that includes delivery. We will then call /text to finalize and place the order and process payment.