Passover Tips + Tricks

Thanks for inviting us to your Passover Table! Here are a few tips and tricks to make your Seder a success. Click the links below to get more information!


Don’t have a Haggadah handy? Check out some great on-line Haggadot, suggested by some of our favorite local Rabbis and Friends: DIY HaggadahThe Rabbinical Assembly’s old school version, Rabbi Sarah’s Google Drive Collection of Haggadahs; and this Haggadah that our Zweig/Pellicone crew uses at our family seder. Want a lighter retelling of the Passover story?  Try a few non-traditional Haggadot: Shakespeare-inspired; Baseball-themed, a Star Wars Passover Parody, The Unofficial Seinfeld Haggadah or even a Hogwarts Haggadah


It’s all about the wine, obvi. Our favorite Wine Guru, Brett from Grape Intentions, suggests perfect pairings for your holiday table: He recommends a Lanzur Sauvignon Blanc ($20) which is crisp and clean, light in style, with bright citrus notes! A perfect pairing with your gefilte fish.  He also recommends a Lanzuer Malbec, a classic style red wine from Central Chile that delights with notes of blackberry, plum, and licorice.  This will pair perfectly with this year’s Brisket recipe! ($26). Use Code PCPASS1024 for 10% off store purchases through May 1, 2024!


Speaking of wine, how about using Champagne or sparkling wine for the first glass? Our friend Rabbi Hannah from Temple Sinai loves this as a celebratory way to start the seder! Check out a few of our favorite bubbles here


Celebrate Spring on your menu! Find a farmers market near you and incorporate seasonal greens on your holiday table. Making a savory Kugel? Combine rainbow new or fingerling potatoes with sautéed ramps and asparagus! How about adding stewed rhubarb and lemon zest to your sweet kugel (YUM).   For sides, try an All the Spring Pea Salad: Combine blanched and shocked Sugar Snaps, Snow Peas and Spring Peas with chili, mint and lemon.  


Brisket is the key centerpiece to our Passover meal. But sometimes we go all in on the chicken….or a gorgeous side of salmon layered with lemons and herbs could also be a big hit.  This year, we’ve decided to go classic with Brisket, and we’re braising it for hours with red wine, honey and balsamic vinegar.  Not sure where to start?  Visit Harvey’s Market, our favorite butcher in DC, to pick up the perfect cut of meat. 


What’s a Passover Seder without raising voices together? Ben Pagliaro is a talented musician and has a rockin’ version of Chad Gadya. Check out his YouTube Page here and follow Benny P Music on Youtube for more tunes.


Don’t forget breakfast! Order delish Matzah Brei concoctions at our Pop Up, Breiz ‘n’ Shine. Use #passover24 as a discount code for 18% off


This Passover, as we retell the story of the expulsion and exilation of the Jews in ancient Egypt, we think about our fellow humans who are being exiled and expelled in our modern world. We’ll be donating 5% of all Passover related sales to World Central Kitchen.