Kings Food Market-
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We offer the folowing soups

Grandma Style

This hearty soup is packed with fresh veggies, pulled chicken, and your choice of egg noodles or matzah balls. It’s so good, you should probably get at least 2.

Grandma with Egg Noodles

Now this is the dinner we’re talking about: rich chicken soup filled with fresh veggies and dill, and yummy matzah balls or egg noodles. Believe us: you wont want to share.


Our SPICY chicken noodle soup is made with ingredients that help cure hangover such as ginger to settle the stomach, jalapeño and habanero to help sweat it out, fresh turmeric for antioxidants and more. While you don’t NEED to be hungover, you do need to like spice!

Peep us in the Prepared Foods section and on the hot bar!

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