Chag Sameach!

We all know that chicken soup is a cornerstone of the holiday table. This year, Prescription Chicken has got you covered. Get set for seder, then stay sustained throughout the holidays!

Passover Packages!

* Seder Essentials for a small seder (serves 2-4, all items for the seder plate + matzah + 2 MB soups + 2 chocolate "matzah balls") * DIY Matzah Pizza Kit (Motown Pizza sauce, cheese, matzah) * Passover Lunch Package (MB soup, matzah, jelly candies!) * A la carte Passover-friendly goodies
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Passover Packages 2024

Matzah Brei, aka Fried Matzah: the BEST Holiday breakfast around. For those who know, fried matzah is a breakfast tradition during Passover. For those who don't: This favorite holiday breakfast treat features matzah dipped in an egg mixture and fried, similar to French Toast.This year we're taking it to the next level and recreating our favorite breakfast dishes in fried matzah form
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Matzah Brei = Best Breakfast order some for breakfast in DC!